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That's how many students passed their Adobe Certified Associate certification after using our curriculum.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design and Photo Manipulation with vectors and rasters, plus basic terminology to prepare for the ACA Examination.


Photography terms, from ISO to aperture, as well as Lightroom and software basics.

Videography and Arts

Videography scriptwriting, production and post.

WHAT is The Digital Way?

The Digital Way is a series of books and curriculums that teach modern day CTE skills, such as Graphic Design or Videography. These books align to standards, such as the Adobe Certified Associate goals and pillars. All books are written by ACA's, who have taken and passed the certification exam, and has developed fun and unique lessons that not only teach, but allow students to be creative, while learning important concepts.

HOW do you do it?

Our methodology preps students for certification, every step of the way. See are successful formula in action and how it has helped everyone become professionals and certified.

WHY do you do it?

Our story is a simple one. It's our attempt at better training, lessons, and creativity from students and designers alike.

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