The four steps to a solid foundation.

All learning requires practice and patience.

Our approach to learning skills within our books comes in 4 simple steps:


First things first, students need to be exposed to the material before completing any assignments about it. The Digital Way readings, whether in physical book form or as a PDF are a great place to start. These readings and guided activities are highly detailed, and walkthrough the process and workflow, from start to finish, in clear language. Key Concepts are bolded and explained in the sidebar of readings. As well, TDW has created and found aligned videos for further understanding of content.


After basic exposure to the material, terminology, etc, student's knowledge is quizzed to see what they remember from the cold reading. They are encouraged to review the content from the reading or video to aid them in the process. Check activities come in Embedded Activities with step by step directions, or worksheets that guide students through key terms and concepts to master.


The Assessment (or Quiz) is where a student's mastery is checked. The assessment is conducted after every section (or major concept). Questions consist of Multiple Choice, True or False, Fill in the Blank, etc. As well, an Essay prompt is available for students to "explain" their knowledge to instructors to truly verify mastery of skills. Plus, students can also show off their creativity, while showing their mastery with Visual Compositions, prompts that allow students to be creative, while still following guidelines and showcasing mastery.


To make sure concepts stick and stay, concepts will be reinforced throughout the book through quizzes, tests, and activities. This is a great way to retain knowledge for certification, as well as know how to do what within the content.