Graphic Design and Photo Manipulation

This book is great for students who are preparing for the Adobe® Certification Test in Adobe Photoshop® CC 2019.

This book covers concepts from the graphic design world, including Project Management, Scope, Design Principles, Fonts, Typefaces, Typography, Image Resolution, Rasters, Vectors, and more. Plus, there are over 20 uniquely created activities to explore Photoshop's® features, and 10 projects included to refine skills and try new methods.

Written by:

Zac DeLane

Aligns to:

3rd Edition, volume 1

4th Edition, volume 1

5th Edition, volume 1



For all the "wannabe" photographers, this book covers the profession of photography. As time has grazed on, so has the ease of taking photos and sharing with friends. This book provides a counterargument, by explaining the technicalities of the modern-day DSLR camera. Students will learn that phone photography is not superior to that of a DSLR. You'll learn all about Aperture, ISO, Framing, Lighting, Mood and Tone, plus some information about the profession of a photographer. You'll also get a set of photo prompts (A Photo a Week), which has students taking a photo each week of the year.

Written by:

Zac DeLane and Larry Hammer

1st Edition


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